About Us

Founded several years ago, Izumi Philly is a Sushi restaurant based in Manhattan, N.Y. Our restaurant was founded by a sushi lover and expert to prepare the tastiest dishes for sushi lovers and gym-goers looking for a post-workout meal.

At Izumi Philly, we also target customers living busy schedules, hence don’t have time to prepare their favorite sushi dishes.  We’re passionate about sushi and only use fresh ingredients to prepare our delicious meals.

If you’re new to fish preparation, more so sushi, and want to try the best in the market, we’re at your service. We offer a variety of sushi dishes to meet the varied needs of our diverse customers.

We use various traditional methods to prepare dried sushi, fresh sushi and fried fish for a touch of the rich Japanese culture. Whichever fish recipe you pick in our restaurant, we guarantee that you’ll only want more. And, you won’t stop licking your fingers when enjoying your plate of sushi.

We’ve grown our sushi brand over the years, making Izumi restaurant the first stop for everyone looking to enjoy a plate of their favorite meal. Even those who want to try sushi for the first time have never been disappointed for choosing Izumi.

What Sets Izumi Philly Apart from Competition

Many factors continue to work together to make our restaurant popular.

We understand the essence of customer service in the hospitality industry and offer only the best for our clients. We’ve not just invested in preparing tasty sushi dishes, but also excellent customer service. This ensures that every need and expectations of our customers are met and surpassed.

All our employees have been trained in customer service to ensure that every client is treated right. Our team understands that the customer is always right and is at the core of our business. The training they received is key in managing customer relations with our restaurant.

We aim at developing long-lasting relationships with our customers. This has always won us repeat business and referrals by our happy customers.

We pride in our highly experienced resident chef who’s passionate about his job and everything about sushi. He prepares finger-licking sushi dishes, something all our customers can attest to.

He’s always working to create unique and sweet sushi recipes to ensure that we offer something other than the common sushi dishes. If you like trying something new and taking on challenges, you’ll love dining in our restaurant.

We’re your go-to sushi restaurant for a unique meal of fish rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. Our meals are also prepared to the highest standards, making them like no other. This explains why people keeping flocking our restaurant on a daily basis.

Even tourists visit our restaurant for authentic, tasty sushi dishes. Our strategic restaurant location also drives in walk-in customers from a diverse background. Excellent customer service, tasty meals and getting value for your money will keep you coming back to Izumi Philly.

We strive to maintain our professionalism and quality of service, including integrity to make our customers happy and satisfied. The same team is always behind our tasty meals to guarantee consistency in the quality and taste of the dishes we prepare. This helps us beat local competition.

Izumi Philly restaurant is popular among both locals and visitors. We handle our loyal customers in the best way possible and as they deserve. We value their continued support and understand that the success of our business totally depends on their happiness and satisfaction with our services.

We began customer loyalty programs to show our loyal clients that we value them. We initiated a points reward system and a debt collection system to keep clients coming back. It’s also a great way to get referrals from our base of happy customers.

Getting clients referred to our restaurant business indicates that we’ve done an excellent job in service delivery and the general cleanliness of our business premises. This has attracted and continues to attract both local and foreign visitors who enjoy our sushi meals.

Our prices are also reasonable and cost-effective, another factor driving sales in our restaurant. We prepare sushi with lots of love and passion, something we want to share with our clients. We also ensure that only fresh ingredients go into our sushi preparation.

We’re Izumi Philly, your restaurant of choice for authentic finger-licking sushi dishes.

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M-F:  11:30 am - 3 pm
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