Are you a sushi lover? If so, then you’ll love these 5 must known tips on how to prepare sushi. We’ve put together the best information available in one place for your convenience. So sit back and enjoy!

1) Use short grain rice when preparing sushi. Short grain rice is stickier than long-grain white rice, which makes it easier to work with when making sushi rolls.

2) Prepare your ingredients before rolling up the maki (sushi roll). This will make it easier to assemble the roll without having to stop and chop vegetables or fish mid-roll.

3) Keep everything cold while preparing raw fish for sashimi or nigiri (raw fish served over seasoned rice).

4) Make sure that all of your utensils are clean before using them in food preparation.

5) Don’t use too much wasabi – just a dab will do! It’s easy enough to add more if needed after plating but adding too much can ruin an otherwise perfect dish of sushi!

You now know the 5 must-known tips on how to prepare sushi. Sushi is a delicious and healthy food, so it’s time to get in your kitchen and try these out!

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