Reasons Why You Should Eat at This Sushi Place

It is a common misconception that sushi is only for people who are vegetarian or allergic to seafood. In reality, there are many types of sushi, including cooked and raw fish and vegetables. Sushi restos offer various options that can satisfy any palate!

Sushi is not only a healthy dish, but it tastes great too! For those of you that are interested in eating sushi at this specific restaurant, here’s why you should: It has the best quality fish available, fresh rice, and perfectly cooked vegetables. The chefs are trained to make sure that every roll is perfect. Not only does this place have a wide variety of food choices for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike, but they also offer gluten-free options as well! All these reasons make it worth your while to stop by this particular sushi place.

This restaurant has a great atmosphere that feels like home.

The servers are dressed in kimonos, which is a great conversation starter, friendly and quick to make sure that you have all the food choices available. Izumi Philly isn’t just about sushi. And they also offer traditional Japanese dishes as well!

The food is delicious, and the service is impeccable. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enjoy their award-winning sushi!

Their prices are very reasonable

It is also low risk when compared with other restaurants–you won’t have an expensive bill show up after dining there since they don’t add any hidden fees or surcharges at checkout time (unlike many people think). They’re all upfront, so you know what you’ll be paying before ordering anything.

Affordable for everyone, not just students and families on a tight budget. The prices are low enough that you can afford to get sushi more than once a week if you’d like!

Safe environment for kids

Izumi Philly is one of the best restaurants in my neighborhood because they are safe for children and have other entertainment options to keep kids entertained, such as playing in a play area with toys. This sushi place has become my favorite restaurant because I can bring my two kids with me and not worry about leaving them alone or worrying. Of course, adults have nothing to worry about either as the atmosphere inside is excellent.

Parents could leave their children in this safe environment, so they don’t need to feel guilty about spending time away from them.  A trampoline is also available for children to jump on and have fun.

Suppose you’d want your kids to keep having the kind of fun the trampoline at our sushi place offers; consider getting one for them at home. Trampolines are a fun way to get in some exercise while having a blast. Don’t worry about picking the best amongst the numerous brands available in the stores; we’re here to help. Skywalker trampolines are one of the most trusted brands, so you might want to make that your first and probably only choice. Besides being safe so your kids don’t get injured while jumping on it all day, it’s also durable.

You can order your food and then watch it being made through the window.

The freshly prepared dishes also make them one of the most popular restaurants around town – with both locals and tourists alike flocking to order their signature dish: authentic Japanese cuisine served by attentive staff who ensure nothing but perfect every time. Their dedication to quality ensures that every word is always fresh and where you can watch them cooking your food in the window.

They had some great specials going on, too, like their Valentine special where they have all these adorable heart-shaped dishes. It’s such a fantastic experience watching them cook in front of you and seeing what comes out from behind those closed doors while waiting patiently with my loved ones or friends by my side! You’ll never find better sushi, tempura, or teriyaki at any other place!


I really liked this sushi place. It was relatively new, and it’s nice to see a restaurant be successful in an area that is not traditionally known for restaurants. I also liked that it was not crowded and the staffs are friendly.

I would recommend this place to anyone who likes sushi. I’m not too fond of all types of sushi, but overall they had good options for everyone’s taste buds.

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