Founded several years ago, Izumi Philly is a Sushi restaurant based in Manhattan, N.Y. Our restaurant was founded by a sushi lover and expert to prepare the tastiest dishes for sushi lovers and gym-goers looking for a post-workout meal.

At Izumi Philly, we also target customers living busy schedules, hence don’t have time to prepare their favorite sushi dishes.  We’re passionate about sushi and only use fresh ingredients to prepare our delicious meals.

If you’re new to fish preparation, more so sushi, and want to try the best in the market, we’re at your service. We offer a variety of sushi dishes to meet the varied needs of our diverse customers.

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Reasons Why You Should Eat at This Sushi Place

It is a common misconception that sushi is only for people who are vegetarian or allergic to seafood. In reality, there are many types of sushi, including cooked and raw fish and vegetables. Sushi restos offer various options that can satisfy any palate!

Five Easy Dishes to Mesmerize the Taste Buds of Your Guests

Throwing a party for your friends and loved ones could be an entirely stressful and expensive process. In addition to planning out your party, another area of concern would be how to make the various dishes to feed your list of guests.

However, hosting a party should not be an all stressful event. 

How Do We Customized Our Sushi Table

Woodworking business has been the most promising and fast-growing industry in recent times. This business can make a good margin of profit if you make a proper plan for woodworking. Woodworking plans create a
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What our Customers have to say

This is my first visit, the sushi is just delicious.  It’s a popular shop, so you can wait for lunch at noon. Even so, it is a well-known store that makes you want to go back every time. I would love to bother you at night time also.

- Jessica Sullivan

This is the Sushi restaurant where you can enjoy delicious sushi using locally-caught fresh seafood. Nigiri sushi, in particular, uses fresh ingredients and can be eaten at a reasonable price. This is highly recommended to you all!

- Kevin Franks

This is easily the best sushi restaurant that won’t break your bank! The presentation is impeccable. The fish is VERY fresh – it melts in your mouth! The service is attentive, friendly, but not intruding.

- Tobie M

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